Event Hall Reservation System


First, at the very top of the calendar, you must select the service or time block you are wanting to reserve. It says ” — Please select service — ” by default. Then, select the day you are interested in on the calendar. The available times for the service selected will then be visible at the bottom of the calendar. You may then select a time-slot you would like to reserve. It will then display the date, time, service and applicable cost for the selection. You may then proceed to complete the form under the calendar to complete the reservation and make your payment. You will receive an email confirmation once your reservation is complete. Note: A reservation will not be approved until payment has been processed.

To view upcoming events already booked, please click here.


Birthday Party Options:

We are so excited that you’re thinking of hosting a birthday party here at Arri’s Portal! All of the parties are hosted on the upstairs balcony overlooking the crystal tree of life. The hourly rental rates include everything needed to get your party started – tables, table cloths, mirror centerpieces, chairs, event space, refrigeration for foods, an ice chest for drinks, a backdrop for pictures (backdrop can vary based on party theme), storage for presents, and assistance with decorating and party hosting. We can host upwards of 12 people easily. The rental room rates are:


2 Hour Rental: $100

4 Hour Rental: $140


Included events are:

The crystal choosing ceremony – (think “Sorting Hat” in Harry Potter), all participants get a free crystal for participating and can purchase a necklace chord for $5.


Sip N’ Shop – All members are given a complimentary beverage to enjoy as they peruse the items from over 30 vendors.


Use of the wishing fountain – they get to go on a scavenger hunt to find the pirate coins to throw into the wishing fountain where their wishes will come true!


Use of the Fairy Dust (this is also purchasable as a party favor) – they get sprinkled with fairy dust and able to make a wish (all-natural, organic shimmer dust – NO glitter).


They are also able to peruse the selection of mystical creatures (unicorn terrariums, unicorn horns, phoenix ashes, mermaid tears, a mermaid tank, dragon eggs, fairy fortune telling, magical pearls, etc.)


Available additions vary by price:


Fairy hair (avg $10 per person),

Fairy Wing Sets (Wings, wand and flower crown – avg $10 pp)

Pearl Opening (they choose an oyster and have their pearl opened – $5 pp)

Fairy Dust Gift Bags (Book, fairy dust, necklace) (Avg. $10 pp)

Tarot Reading – 10+ minute reading for $20 pp



The most popular art addition is the Pyroglass & Paint night. For $10 per person, they each get to paint a wooden figurine in whatever fashion they choose (for example, if they chose the underwater theme, they would get to paint a wooden dolphin – or they can choose their creature – turtles, jellyfish, etc.) and then they get to pick the colors for their 8×10 pyroglass piece. They help the artist put the ink on their 8×10 picture and watch with excitement as it gets set on fire (safely) and lights up the room sealing their beautiful colors into their picture. It then gets the added flourishes of glitter and glow in the dark spray, and they attach their own painted wooden creation, and they have their very own 8×10 framed masterpiece to remember their party forever.


Add an additional $5  for pyroglass 12” mirror in lieu of the 8×10 framed picture.