The instructors at Arri’s Portal offer a wide variety of services. Be sure to visit us for the full menu of all we have to offer!

  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Aroma Touch Technique (doTERRA)
  • & so much more!

Item Services

Rare Item Appraisal

Do you have a unique or priceless item that you are looking to part with? Antiques, vintage items, and one-of-a-kind collectibles are our specialty. Contact us today to see how much we would offer for your unique collection and have your payment same day.


Haunted or Cursed Item Appraisal

Do you suspect that an item in your possession may be possessed? Does it have a history, a story of violence, or a feel of lingering attachment? Contact us today to see how we can assist or even take it off your hands. We have supported numerous families dealing with forces out of their control and are available 24/7 for no-cost consultations. Tell us your story and we would be happy to help!



We are now offering physical consignment of your unique or rare items. Held safely in storage, we handle everything required to sell your items at top dollar including photography, listing descriptions, marketing, and shipping. Experienced and insured, we make it easy for you to move a larger volume of your unique antiques at minimal cost to you. Just reach out and let us handle the rest!


Virtual Consignment

Do you have unique items you’d like to sell but don’t want to consign? We now offer Virtual Consignment. We sell the unique item in your possession while handling all the marketing and product descriptions. Simply box your item and ship directly to the buyer upon payment received. The easiest and fastest way to clear inventory, contact us today for our fee schedules, and to increase your sales volume!



Tarot Card Readings are available by appointment both virtually and locally. Our experts work carefully with you to guide you through the entire process, and their clients often become lifelong friends. Contact us today to schedule a consult and learn more about what we do!


You’re also welcome to visit our readings page for instant free insight based on your specific Numerology profile given to you at birth. Here you’ll find several tools to help you on your journey. For more specific advice, reach out on our contact page. We look forward to helping in any way we can!

Smudging, Item, and Home Purification

Let our experts handle all the work of making your home a safe and welcoming place. Organic and natural white sage, Palo Santo, and Cedar are all used to purify the spaces you use the most. This is also an excellent choice if you are currently experiencing unwanted phenomena including unexplained temperature drops, malfunctioning electrical systems, items moving or mysteriously being misplaced, or feel an accrument of negative energy that you simply want gone. No matter the cause, we have experience in uplifting and changing your environment for the better, and ensuring that positivity lasts.



Prevention is always the best course of action when it comes to dealing with the unknown. Our experts aid you in warding whichever spaces you desire and ensure that nothing negative may enter these safe places.