Instructors at Arri’s Portal offer a wide variety of popular interactive classes and workshops.

Each instructor runs their own schedule so it is important to check to ensure that pricing/dates/times are all accurate by viewing our calendar or visiting us in person.

Some Classes / Workshops are:

  • Crystal Workshops
    • Learn about various crystal types
    • Walk away with your perfect crystal
    • Learn how to use your crystal’s properties to better yourself
    • Prices vary – come instore for more information


  • Essential Oil Classes
    • Basic Essential Oil Class for personal use
    • Purchase $50 or more in essential oils and the class fee is waived


  • New/Full Moon Cycle Workshops
    • Happens only twice a month (Every New and Full moon)
    • A fun workshop geared towards preparing, learning and practicing various methods with crystals and their elements during the moon cycles


  • Develop Your Psychic Ability Workshop
    • A 4 part interactive Class


  • Plant Workshops
    • Learn about a wide variety of plants
    • Plant your own creation and take it home
    • Decorate your own pot / terrarium


  • Chakra Basics Class: Learn to Balance your Chakras
    • Learn to use various crystals, oils, and unleash your Intuition
    • Bring any crystal you’d like or buy one in store


  • Pendulums for Everyday Use Workshop: Basic Understanding
    • Bring a personal pendulum or buy one in store


  • Psychic Awareness Class: Understanding Your Potential
    • Using tools, your 6 senses, and your Intuition
    • Bring 1 small personal item and a crystal