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Welcome to Arri’s Portal!

Vendor Welcome Guide

Congratulations and welcome to Arri’s Portal – a Place of Treasure and Wonder – fueled by wonderful artists such as yourself. We are here to help you succeed and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Call or text the store manager Arri anytime at 770.710.9219.

Cost Details and Vendor Payment Due Dates

The vendor displays rotate monthly starting on the first of every month. Costs for monthly tables vary by display type (jewelry cases / tables / rooms) and square footage. These prices are subject to change. See the attached pricing sheet for current options and rates.

Each space includes your display table or jewelry case, bags for sold items, set-up assistance, detailed record keeping, and dedicated sales staff trained to market and sell your items on your behalf. Space fills quickly so be sure to make your reservations ASAP to secure your display! Payment for your space is required prior to first time display setup and is then due on the first of every month.

This store contains a 450sqft event space that hosts a wide range of shop events including Paint and Sip Days, Yoga Classes, Art Classes, Fairy, Unicorn, and Mermaid Parties, Birthday Parties, Tea Parties, Reiki classes, Tarot Card Readings, a Zen garden, and several party packages with the other local shops in the hub (including the Tiki Boat Barge, Paddle Boarding, Ice Cream parties, and more). The availability for vendors to host their own events / classes is available on the store calendar so reach out if this is something you may be interested in. You are able to hold your very own How-To class!


Located in Port Salerno, Arri’s Portal is located in the large gallery attached to the artist shops right next to Twisted Tuna. Surrounded by popular restaurants, the creamery, and waterfront resorts, this is a high traffic area and draws great attention from local crowds both in the on and off season.

Events & Marketing

All events will be held on our online / in-store calendar and will be made available to all guests as they enter the portal. Your shop / booth vendor space will be promoted on social media and online with the option for online sales if you opt-in to this service. We are also available for help in setting up your own online store, including Etsy, website creation, and web hosting services. Reach out if this is something you may be interested in!

Setup Instructions

Vendors will need to coordinate with the on-site manager to schedule time before or after store hours to arrange display setup or take-down. Display must look professional, neat, tidy, and organized, with no hard-written signage. Custom Laser Engraved signs (logo, pricing, history, etc.) are available for purchase at a discount to vendors.

Display Information

Display sizes and wall space vary to suit the vendor’s specific needs, and most requests can be accommodated with notice. We recommend a sign to display your company’s name / logo, as well as dedicated display items for small items such as stands for jewelry or easels for displaying artwork. We also recommend a small stand to set out business cards. Get creative with your display and reach out for assistance! We are a creative group and we’d love to help your business thrive in our location.

Store Hours

The store hours are 11 – 9 Tuesday – Thursday, 11 – 10 Friday & Saturday and 12 – 6+ on Sundays. Extended hours vary on holidays, during events, and if there are crowds at the local restaurants / hubs. Hours are subject to change.

How the Customer Pays

Customers are encouraged to pay in cash and ATMS are available nearby. It is up to the vendor to allow credit transactions by staff on their behalf from the vendor’s device, and vendors will be required to provide their own card reader / device (Square, PayPal etc.) We recommend an inexpensive phone from Wal-Mart (no data plan required as Wi-Fi is available on site) to run transactions that will be left on site and kept inside your personal money bag.

Arri’s Portal is available to run credit cards at a vendor’s request at a charge of 15% of the cost of each transaction (so if an item is charged at $100 – $15 will be subtracted for the use fee, and $85 cash will be deposited into the vendor’s supplied money bag). This is an optional service and requires a vendor’s signed consent.

How the Vendor is Paid

If the customer pays via a vendor’s supplied card reader / device, the vendor’s funds are supplied directly to their banking institution as set up through their card reader. Card and cash transactions can be verified through the receipts made by sales staff on all sales made on behalf of the vendor. Cash can be picked up only by the owner of the display, and a signature must be given to show receipts of funds.

How Selling For You Works

After your display is set up, it is the vendor’s responsibility to educate the in-store staff on sales features, information, pricing, and other details pertinent to answering customer’s questions and landing you the sale. All specials, bargains, deals, or discounts that you would accept for items must be provided in writing in order for staff to deviate from the amount of the listed display price. It is encouraged to inform the staff of any sales pitches you would use just as if you were keeping watch at your own booth.

Identifying and Pricing Items from Your Booth

It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that each sales item has a price tag and a label identifying their booth. This can be done with a logo, name, or number and will correspond with your money bag. This is how staff will identify an item belongs to a specific vendor, which bag to place the money in, and how much to charge the customer for the item.

Lost or Stolen Items

While we are not responsible for lost, damages, or stolen items, staff will make every best effort to keep your items safe and secure in the store. The entire store is covered by a state of the art video monitoring security system, with closing security gate after store hours. Shoplifting prosecution and camera surveillance signs will be posted throughout the store and all thefts will be reported directly to the police. Inventory counts on your items are available upon request, and your own personal inventory logs are encouraged but not required.

Items and To-Do Reminders to Bring Your First Day

  • Inventory list of all items that will be for sale to leave with staff
  • Ensure that all items are priced and tagged for booth identification
  • Bring your square reader / electronic device
  • Marketing Materials and signage for your table
  • Display items and Table Décor
  • Small crates of your items may be left in storage for restocking (contingent upon space availability)

Rules and Codes of Conduct

Professional Standards for the Fish House Art Center applies to all ‘Members’ of Arri’s Portal LLC, and the Fish House Art Center and Marina, including studio artists, boaters, and employees of all lease holders.

All visitors to the Fish House Art Center must be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Negative or disturbing situations which involve visitors, visiting artists, your fellow studio artists, boaters or employees of Casa Pisces/Fish House Art Center, Twisted Tuna or their lease holders, must be immediately directed to John Hennessee, (Casa Pisces Director), or Melody Fortier, (Fish House Art Center Director). John Hennessee’s cell phone 772-631-0443. Melody Fortier’s cell phone 772-359-7555. If neither can be reached immediately and the situation warrants police action, call 911 immediately.

Use, possession and/or selling of illegal drugs or substances will NOT be tolerated on the property. This includes the interior of all buildings and all the exterior grounds including the parking lot across the street in front of the Fish House Art Center. If discovered, local police will be notified immediately.

Drunk, intoxicated, and/or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated on the premises. This includes inside studios, on the dock, and the parking lots. No one is exempt from the rule.

Tenants wishing to conduct special events, sales, openings, etc. must get written permission from Landlord prior to any planning and execution of such events.

All music must be kept at a reasonable volume as not to adversely disturb customers and visitors of the Fish House Art Center, the Craft & Creamery, or neighboring artist’s studios.

Any violations of the above will result in immediate termination of the Member’s license.

Liabilities and Agreements

All parties who wish to become a vendor or “Member” of Arri’s Portal will be required to execute a license agreement for the space and/or services rendered prior to setting up. Month to month and Six (6) month agreements are currently offered. If you would like an extended term, it will be considered it on a case by case basis. We have a system for e-signatures that is convenient and very easy to use – when you are ready it will be emailed to you for execution.

Please note that drawings are not to scale and are not exact dimensions. The floorplan is subject to change based on use and availability. Pricing is available upon request.

If you are interested in selling your products or services at Arri’s Portal, please click here.